Business logic is dynamic, data models must be too.

Euno enables data teams to build, govern and evolve data models together with the business.

Making dbt™ work

for everyone

Freedom or governance? Both!

Unlock self-serve analytics, without the mess of siloed logic, conflicts, and duplicates.

Shift business logic left

Let analysts focus on answering business questions, while Euno shifts their logic to dbt™  as they go.

Consistent models at any scale

Maintain an updated source of truth in sync with all your tools, no matter how fast your data operation grows.

From business logic chaos to Euno

to Euno

Frictionless data model governance

Euno maps logic everywhere, creating a unified catalog for exploring the data model calculations, descriptions and usage across platforms. 

Rapid dbt™ materialization

Euno seamlessly shifts elements like measures, dimensions and tables to dbt™, empowering everyone to evolve data models in their preferred tools.

Automated guardrails and consistency checks

Euno detects and flags duplicates, conflicts, and breaches of modeling principles, so that everyone can participate in the data model evolution, safely.

Zero onboarding lift

Euno offers seamless integration with your modern data stack so you can discover business logic everywhere, right from the start. 

You’re in good

Let analysts do their things, in their own environment, but capture their contributions in dbt™  as much as possible.

Tom Abraham

Manager Data & Analytics at

We should enable analysts of all technical levels to confidently implement significant business logic changes, regardless of their proficiency in dbt™  or other modeling technologies.

Iñigo Hernaez

Group Engineering Manager at

The story behind Euno

Born from conversations with 250+ data teams, we sensed a deep frustration with how data teams fail to foster a self-serve analytics culture as they scale. What surprised us even more was the root cause – data model governance solutions never caught up with the modern data stack: from collaboration bottlenecks and elusive inconsistencies to soaring costs. One thing we knew for sure: we’re no match when it comes to building great teams to solve difficult problems. Eager to rewrite the script, we’ve assembled an A team of engineering and analytics pros, handpicked from the best talent around. Our mission is clear – to untangle the toughest knots for data teams and give you governance peace of mind, no matter how fast your company scales.

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